1st Light Studio Classes

“First Light Studio” is named forStudioShot the special early morning light that illuminates the rock walls of Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne, Oregon. You couldn’t ask for a more inspiring setting or more perfect place to play. Whatever your passion, you’ll find it here!  If you or your group are thinking of visiting Central Oregon, why not come for a scheduled workshop or enhance your experience with a custom designed class in drawing, pastel, printmaking, or mixed media!

Design your own class WHENEVER! Waiting for you!

Let me put together a workshop for you or you and your friends! You choose the medium– drawing, painting, printmaking, design, mixed media or a little of each! If you are traveling by plane you need not bring any materials with you!* Call or email me and we can design the perfect session for you.

Private 3 hour session $195/session

Group of 4 people: $150 per 6 hour session/ per person*

Group of 8 people: $100 per 6 hour session/ per person*

*model fees and/or materials may be additional cost, depending on the class.