Special Topics

The series below was inspired by the Juniper tree. Created over a period of several years, the tree became a metaphor for life’s challenges. I learned from the tough Juniper to twist, to move slowly, to adapt, to go deep, to share, and to survive. These pieces were part of a 6 person exhibit in November/December of 2016 at the World Forestry Center in Portland, OR.


The collection of images below was inspired by the closing of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. In May of 2017 the elephants, lions, and tigers performed for the last time, and the circus I knew as a child shut down. I wanted to share my impressions of the special quality of light and space under the big top, where ceremony was laced with comedy, glitter, and danger. Risk and magic took flight in that tent for the space of a performance, then vanished like Brigadoon back into sawdust and peanut shells. This collection is still in process and will be exhibited as a one-person show at the Bend Art Center in Bend, Oregon in October/November of 2017.